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How competitive are you??? You have the choice of 3 different activities for you and your group to compete against each other...

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Some Great Reasons To Choose This:

  • Competitive
  • Experienced Instructors
  • All in one location
  • Someone has to make the decision - which 3 products are you going to get your group to take part in...
    Rage Buggies
    A chance to experience the thrill of these amazing machines - they offer the perfect combination of speed power and control your off road skill will definately be tested.   You will get to tackle the technical circuit with practice and timed laps - this will sort out who is King of the road.
    A unique experience which is out of the ordinary.   These machines fly on a bed of air making them one of the most diverse vehicles to try and control.  They have been adapted so any novice can pick up the controls and take charge. They have single seats and a 600cc engine which powers them round the specially designed tracks.   
    The quad safari covers a whole lot of different terrains.  You will start of on a simple training track just to get you used to the quad bike and check your skill levels.  From there you will progress onto the main safari which will have you winding in and out through the woodland over lumps and bumps and out into the open field where you can open the machine up and see what it can really do.
    This activity is one of the most noble and ancient sports around.   It is a true contest of your mind control and precision - do you fancy yourself as Robin Hood.   You will get to use lightweight training bows with proper pointy arrows the experienced instructors are on hand to make sure it is only the targets you hit!!!   It is a challenge so the targets wont be too close.
    Axe Throwing
    Do you have an inner Viking lurking inside you?   You will get the chance to improve your technique on a traditional wooden log target and test your skill by increasing the distance.   The expert instructors will make sure you have got what it takes to perfect the throwing technique and hit the target.
    Blindfold Driving
    Do you think you can listen to each other do you have the skills to work as a team and successfully help each other in getting round the course without hitting any of the obstacles.  Only problem is the driver will be blindfolded.   Who will you be able to trust on the day???
    We know it is difficult to make a decision so we can do an offer if you and your group would like to try more than three activities.
  • Suitable for: Adult Party, Great for Large Groups, Hen and Stag Parties, Staff Day Out, Team Building Event

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