Hovercraft Driving Near Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire

Is it a boat, is it a plane or what - you need to try it out and let us know what you would call it. Hovercraft driving is a crazy sensation...

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  • These amphibious machines will take you to a thrilling driving experience on both land and water so whether you are looking for some outdoor fun or wish to get in some really exhilarating action believe us this activity will be the key. These machines can move up to 30 miles per hour on both land and water.  


    Following a safety briefing we will transport you to the hovercraft courses where you will learn the basics of flying the craft. After your practice session on our training course you will be moved up to a faster craft on our competition course. Helmets and overalls are provided (waterproofs are provided in wet weather


  • Minimum Number: 10
  • Duration in Minutes: 60
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