Wake Boarding Near Preston

Wake Boarding near Preston. Includes professional instructors. Ride on many sets and do every trick on the cable that can be done behind the boat.

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Some Great Reasons To Choose This:

  • Set on one of the most tranquil spots in the uk
  • Cable system allows for continuous ride
  • Suitable for beginners right up to advanced
  • You can try more tricks than any other towing device
  • Four floating obstacles
  • Wake Boarding Near Preston

    Learn to wake board - Ideally suited for newcomers to the sport or simply new comers to Blackpool wake park!!!! During which time you will experience what it is like to ride on water!!!!!!!. It’s definitely the coolest addition to the distinguished list of extreme sports throughout the world because it combines the best of the extreme nature of wake boarding without the need for a boat. Cable is an enormously valuable and important element of the entire sport of  wake boarding. There are man made obstacles such as Sliders and Kickers which allows you to attempt nail biting tricks in Blackpool hen weekends and Blackpool stag weekends.

    Why is it so popular? What makes cable so cool?

    Basically cable is ideal for riders who have limited or no access to a boat. It's drastically less expensive compared to all the costs involved with boat wake boarding with a lot less hassle. Cable ways are clean efficient quiet and overall very environmentally friendly. You can ride many more sets in a day than you ever could behind the boat. Riding on the cable actually helps your riding behind the boat. And it's more forgiving on your body than boat wake boarding. But the best part is you can do every trick on the cable that can be done behind the boat and more. And thanks to all the above it's the perfect gateway for anyone who wants to get into the world of wake boarding

    How can you call it cable wake boarding when there is no wake? You ride using a wake board. It’s that simple. It’s still wake boarding because every single trick that has been is now or ever could be thrown behind a boat can and is being thrown on the cable. The tricks are identical. Boat or cable the sport is still the same. It’s just a slightly different method to the same awesome madness.

    How does it compare to riding behind the boat?

    It’s a slightly different kind of pull. Since the angle of the rope is higher on the cable than behind the boat you get more lift and potentially more hang time. This is one reason you see such awesome tricks like double S-bends on the cable a rare occurrence if ever behind the boat.
    Also with the move and flex of the cable itself you find it much less stiff and more forgiving. Therefore learning new tricks comes much easier and faster. Difficult as it may be to believe the simple fact is that virtually every trick that can be performed behind the boat can also be done on the cable Period. Regular or switch inside or out you see plenty of spins 313s roll to blinds KGB's and every mobe or Raley trick you can think of. You name it it's been done on the cable either in the flats or off the obstacles. Take your pick.

  • Minimum Age: 16
  • Minimum Number: 6
  • Maximum Number: 10
  • Product Terms: Closes for winter, reopens Mach
  • Duration in Minutes: 60
  • 5.0

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