Airsoft combat

Airsoft combat

Day Activities
Advanced Jungle War Fighter
Airsoft South of Edinburgh Full Day Session
Airsoft South of Edinburgh Half Day Session
Airsoft in Birmingham
Battlesports and Airsoft combined full day event in Gloucester
Counter Terrorist Training Day

If you thought paintball was fun, think again! Airsoft combat is as much fun and a whole less painful and messy. Combat events will never be the same. The guns look real and so do the scenarios. Then there is all the glee you get in shooting at mates!

Airsoft combat is suitable for all ages though some centres will allow children as low as 10. Sessions last two to three hours, typically. We have Marshals who will monitor the session and decide on tougher mission for your group.

We have listed the best in the game sorted into regions across the UK. Check prices and availability. Make use of the map to locate centres of your choice. To book give us a call on 0800 567 7101.

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